Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

We have a fleet of full suspension Transition mountain bikes for rent, as well as Electra townies (both electric and regular pedal bikes)!

Booking online: please note that our booking system does not indicate availability. You can book any of our bikes below, but this is just a booking request and will be "Pending" until we confirm with you! We will either send you a "Confirmed" status email or reach out to you with options if your requested time is not available.

If you want to book multiple bikes: Once you start a booking, if you click "Make Another Booking" near the top, you can add another bike to your cart.

Call to book: you can also call or email us to book and we'll be able to tell you live availability right away.

Rental Period: 2 Hour Half Day (4hr) Full Day (8hr) Overnight (24hr) Two Days Three Days Four Days
MTB Regular Enduro - $80 $110 $125 $210 $300 $380
MTB Premium Enduro - $95 $130 $145 $250 $360 $450
MTB Kids 24" - $60 $75 $95 $160 $210 $260
E-Bike Townie Go! $45 $70 $95 $110 - - -
Townie 7D EQ $30 $50 $75 $90 - - -